Herringbone Pattern | Gift Tag

  • $ 18.00

First, let me know what color you want your lettering and/or graphics to be on your gift tag.
Next, please choose what personalization option you want on your gift tag.
Once you have decided the personalization option, please let me know what name or family name you would like me to hand letter.

The "Mountain Missy" was created for the lady who loves the mountains and cozy cottages. She is someone who holds tight to her roots all while exploring everything the world has to offer. 

Personalized gift tags can double as a gift itself as well as taking your gift to the next level. I know you're thinking, "I can get gift tags at Target too", I hear you girl, I really do, but in a world full of social media copy cats, why not stand out from the rest with personalized gift tags! Something so simple can show the recipient you took their gift to the next level! 

Pep & Pop gift tags are printed on 110 lb, packaged in a cellophane wrapper, and comes with bakers twine. When your tags arrive, you may wonder where the hole is; don't worry, that was intentional. Some gifts work better with a corner hole punch and some work better with a hole in the center so, I am leaving the hole option up to you and what works best for your gift!