Handwritten cards are becoming something of the past but I certainly want them to 

make their come back because they are so magical and heartwarming! 

In a technology driven world, imagine how taking the time to write someone a 

note could change their whole day, week, or life.

I created the "Gardening Gal" collection with my grandmother in mind. Come warm weather she is always in her flower garden tending to each flower like they were her children. I don't know about you but there is something magical about flowers, especially when they get to be enjoyed in your favorite vase in the kitchen. I want the Gardening Gal collection to be a reminder that growing and fighting through the mug can often have the most beautiful results.

Floral Border | Note Cards
$ 12.00
Floral Bottom | Note Cards
$ 12.00

The "Southern Belle" was created for the gal who dreams of being the next Reese Witherspoon with her southern style and mannerisms. The lady who loves a big front porch, fresh flowers in the kitchen, and a set of pearls to go with any outfit!

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The "Mountain Missy" was created for the lady who loves the mountains and cozy cottages. 

She is someone who holds tight to her roots all while exploring everything the world has to offer.

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