Honey, have I got a story for you . . .

Hey friends, Leanna here, just your average coffee lovin + sweet tea drinkin southern girl! 
I started Pep & Pop nearly 5 years ago and it has been a wild ride ever since. I love where I am now but I love it even more because of the journey I took to get here. I named Pep & Pop after my great-grandparents and now I get to live in their house with my four legged fur child, what?! I know, it's crazy! Renovating their home had been, hands down, my favorite project ever. That is a story for another day tho. 

I am more than a business owner + dog mom. I am a girl who is a terrible worrier and over analyzer. I am a total introverted extrovert so while I love to chat with anyone and everyone I also value my alone time; it is where I do most of my thinking and dreaming. 
I believe that my purpose is to serve my people (you!) the best way I know how; through lettering + southern hospitality. 
On my days off you can usually find me roaming the aisles of Target and HomeGoods, decorating (or if I'm honest, re-decorating) a corner of the house, or spending time with family and friends! 
So, in a nutshell, I am the girl in leggings with a ball cap, looking like a hot mess, checking things off one of my many lists, in an overly organized planner, drinking a cup of coffee that I might as well throw ice in and call it cold brew.