What in the world is Peppy Postage?

What in the world is Peppy Postage?

I never forget the feeling of opening my mail box, sorting through the junk and bills, and finding an envelope with hand writing on it! 

My grandma is the best at writing cards for any occasion! She sends cards when people are going through tough times, when she needs to thank them for something, or even just because they were on her mind. 

I think that texting, emails, and social media have played a hand in the disappearing of physical cards in the mail. I want us to bring life back to the dying art of mailing cards and that is why I am starting the Peppy Postage movement.

I want us to make a habit out of sending cards to dear friends for the purpose of putting a smile on their faces!

With every card you purchase from me I also include a postcard so when you mail your card to a friend, that friend can continue to spread the joy by sending the post card to someone else! How cool, right?!

My goal is to send one card a week. That isn't a big commitment and won't take much time. Will you join me in striving to send one person in your life one card every week?

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