My Favorite Pens

My Favorite Pens

Hey hun! Welcome back to my porch!

I get a lot of questions asking about my favorite pens and markers to write with. I have a lot of favorites and it truly depends on the project and color I’m needing. Not all ink colors look the same even if the packaging is the same color. Always test out your colors on a spare sheet of paper before you begin your project.

I could write a book about the different pens and markers I use and what I use them for but I am only going to share with you my top three that I use the most often!

Bic Mark-It

I think there is nothing like a fresh sharpie but when it comes to lettering I think this marker takes the cake. It starts off with that crisp point but with the right pressure you can get that nice chiseled tip when you need that thick consistent line faster than with a sharpie. I also like to get the best bang for your buck and the Bic markers tend to come in a little cheaper. Not to mention the beautiful rainbow of colors you can get!

Staedtler Dual Tip

A lot of people compare a Crayola fine tip marker to a Tombow dual brush pen art marker. That is not the case all the time and it depends on the person using the pen. One side of this Staedtler has the same tip as a Crayola and the other is a fine tip, similar to a bic felt tip pen. I like it because you can create two different styles of writing with the same pen. If you’re a beginner and you want a pen to practice with this is the pen that will give you the ability to write two different styles with one pen.

Le Pen

This pen is a micro-fine (0.3mm) tip and it is really good for writing very small monoline lettering. Not to mention it’s sleek barrel design making it super chic and dainty. I really like this pen for writing in my planner and on cards.


Come join me on my porch next week for some more chatting. Don't forget to bring along your favorite drink to sip on! 

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