Hello 2019!

Hello 2019!

Hey there honey, welcome to my front porch.

I have to be honest with you, there were a lot of changes in 2018 and I lost my focus on what my vision of Pep & Pop would be. In 2018 I graduated college and moved into my great-grandparents 1941 farmhouse that I absolutely love.

But if you’re new around here I’ll give you a little more background. I started Pep & Pop back in 2014 after I took a calligraphy class because I fell in love with writing. After I came home from my freshman year of college I also fell in love with wood working so I began to make signs with my new found hand lettering.

I did that until last year when I felt like that wasn’t my calling anymore. That was a big knot to swallow because for 3 years that was my identity; I was “the sign girl”. I prayed and prayed over what path I was supposed to take and where my business was going. I felt a tug at my heart to keep doing lettering but leave the sign making behind. As soon as I made that decision it was like a weight was lifted off of me.

That all brings us to now, the start of 2019!

My goal of 2019 is to start hand lettering more on different products. I am focusing mainly on stationery, cards, invitations, and trinkets. If you don’t know what “trinkets” are, it’s my word for small items or gifts; similar to a stocking stuffer. Does that make sense?

I have some ideas in the works but, I want to know, is there anything specific you want to see in 2019? Comment below to let me know!

I have something in the works that I think you’re really going to love. I can’t tell you anymore right now but make sure to come back by next week and we will chat some more!

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