Dear Readers, 

While it isn't 1813 in London, I think we can agree that we can still gather around to celebrate with the ladies of the area! 

When Bridgerton first aired on Netflix I was hooked! I mean, watch the whole series in an afternoon, stayed up late, and rewatched it several more times, hooked. The more I watched the more in love with it I became. The nights of endless parties, fancy dresses for any outings, the etiquette, and more importantly, the houses! Can you even imagine?! More on their houses another day but I was so inspired by the first season of Bridgerton that with season two being released soon I knew that a party to celebrate was in order! 

One thing that always catches my eye at the lavish parties on Bridgerton is the abundance of fresh flowers. The arrangements are typically hydrangeas or various types of roses with fresh greenery throughout. With that in mind I thought my new hydrangea collection would be the perfect compliment to this ladies luncheon. 

To create the table for this luncheon I first started with the centerpiece. I wanted to make it functional as well as elegant so I used three two-tiered food stands on cake pedestals down the center of the table. Then filled in the space with small vases of hydrangeas and candles. I placed the food stands on pedestals because I wanted it to be up and away from the fresh flowers for easier access and a less cluttered feel. 

The center stand held the fruits and dessert while the outer two held vegetables, chicken salad, and small cups of pasta salad. I separated the chicken salad and pasta salad so that each end of the table would have their own set of food, rather than having to pass the food or the tiered stands. This made everything reachable from each seat. 

In addition to the food on the table I also had a small area with champagne because there is always a reason, big or small, to celebrate! This might have been solely for my pleasure because I am pretty sure that chilled champagne is one of my love languages! I even found a few vintage champagne coupe glasses at a local antique store to feel as elegant as Daphne does. I mean, champagne topped with fresh fruit (strawberries and sugared blueberries), tasty food, and an afternoon with your favorite ladies, what more could you ask for?! 

If champagne isn't for you, you can always set up the same area with tea. It could be hot tea like they enjoy in Bridgerton or cold sweet tea like we prefer down here in the south. Either way, your guests are sure to be impressed! 

Friend, I want to tell you that the most important part, if you decide to host a ladies luncheon, is the fellowship. The ladies you invite will remember the food and decor but what they will cherish forever, is the memories made and how you made them feel. 

P.S. Don't get so caught up in hosting that you forget to enjoy your event too! 

Many items that were used to create this Bridgerton inspired ladies luncheon can be found right here! 

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