8 Ways to Use Lettering in Everyday Life

8 Ways to Use Lettering in Everyday Life

I started Pep & Pop because I wanted to share my love of lettering and life. I have loved being able to make my new-ish house into a home with my lettering. Whether that was through home decor, organization, or parties.

With full disclosure, not everything in my house is lettered by me and if you feel like your lettering is not good enough it is okay to gather lettering items from other creatives.

I have compiled a list of ways that you can use lettering in your home and everyday life to make it just a little extra special.

Painted Quotes

I think painted quotes are the most simple way to fill in holes on a shelf or wall. They allow you to express how you feel and set the tone for your home. These quotes could be lettered in sharpie on cardstock and framed or watercolor on mixed media paper. They don’t have to be long quotes, something like “have faith” or “you are enough” to hang as daily reminders. My favorite way to add to a gallery wall is a canvas painted solid with a coordinating color and using a white paint pen to letter the quote.

Inspiration Board

In my office I have a huge frame that is lined with chicken wire.  This is where I pin up things that I love so that in the future I can draw inspiration. I have lots of pictures, old tickets from concerts, invitations to parties, thank you notes from loved ones, and more! I don’t have a lot of my own hand lettering on this board but I do have lettered quotes that I have pulled from magazines or ordered from creatives that I follow. One of my favorite magazine excerpts that I have hanging right now is from the latest Magnolia Journal and it says “the world needs who you were made to be” and that is one that I look at every day as a reminder.

Planner or Calendar

Being the organized and somewhat of a control freak that I am I have an overly organized planner and two calendars in the house. We have a lot going on so some weeks it is needed to keep track of all the to do’s. I love buying blank calendars or printing them off the computer and lettering the name of the month and events that fall in that month. It helps me to practice different lettering sizes.

If you are printing it off the computer you can use different fonts to create a similar look if you don’t think you’re as good at lettering as you really are.


Along with lettering on calendars you could also install a chalkboard in your command center to leave reminders for the family or create a grocery list. You could also letter little quotes to help motivate your kids or display your goals for the week.

Another way to use lettering on a chalkboard in your home is in the dining room. I have one on my wall and it is usually decorated with a seasonal quote or the menu for that nights’ dinner party. In my opinion, the hardest part of lettering is figuring out the spacing of new projects. My chalkboard is four feet wide by three feet tall so it gives me the opportunity to practice my lettering on large spaces.

Organizational Labels

Pantries, utility closets, kitchens, and offices can sometimes be a cluttered mess and often times it is hard to find pre-made labels that say exactly what you need.  When I reorganized my utility closet and kitchen I used my lettering and vinyl cutting machine to make stickers. This really helped when I got bins that are solid and in a place that they get moved and rearranged. With labels, I don’t have to open them all to remember what is inside. Another bonus to creating your own hand lettered stickers is the ability to customize the size and color.

Party Decorations

Y’all know I love me a good party! Even if there are only four of us, I always make sure it is a memorable event. My two favorite ways to incorporate lettering in parties is with food labels and place cards.

Now I know that with a party that small and a limited menu these labels aren’t always needed but it makes my heart smile. Sometimes my place cards are as simple as an index card folded over and lettered with a sharpie which keeps costs low on the decorations.

When it comes to food labels I do get a little more creative. Sometimes with the look but usually with the lettering. I am that dork who creates new names for the food dishes so they coordinate with the theme of the party! Anyone else do that?

Gift Tags

Along the same lines of party decorations is small gift giving. I spend a lot of Thursday nights making cookies for the guys at Ben’s work and when I am packaging them up I always tie the box with a bow and include a gift tag. Usually the tag says “happy fri-yay” but sometimes I write a small encouraging quote. I know these men could care less but Ben works at UPS so they deserve all the cookies and encouragement for getting my Amazon Prime packages to me on the regular! This same concept could be used for birthday parties or to celebrate accomplishing a goal. Something as simple as a tag around a bottle of wine or using washi tape to attach it to a store bought cake.

Bible Journaling

In the past, studying the Bible wasn’t boring to me but it did get to be a lot more fun when I found a journaling Bible. I found mine on Amazon and I use super tip crayola markers. You can do this however you feel comfortable and depending on what I am studying can sway how I letter. Sometimes it is big and bold and other times it is simple because the words can speak for themselves. I typically letter part of the verse that stands out to me the most so when I want to look back and reference a specific story I can look for that quote.

These are the eight most common ways I use lettering in my home and everyday life. If something I said has sparked an interest in a certain project please feel free to comment or email me!

What are your favorite ways to use lettering in your house and life?

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