23 - My Best Year Yet

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In honor of my 23rd birthday today I am going to tell you 23 things about me. Some are my favorite things, some are my weird quirks, some you may know and some you don’t. If we have something in common please let me know in the comments!

1 - My parents and I ate chocolate chip cookies every Friday growing up

2 - I love visiting Charleston, SC and would go every weekend if I could

3 - One day I want to rebuild a 1940’s Chevy Truck

4 - I went to a college other than Appalachian State for my freshman year

5 - A lot of people are either Team Coke or Team Pepsi and I am neither

6 - I love college football but I hate the NFL

7 - I have been to 14 states and out of the country twice

8 - I dream of traveling to Scotland to learn about my Scottish heritage

9 - My favorite meal of the day is breakfast but I hate bacon… I know, it’s un-American

10 - I am a sucker for anything sweet, especially if it is apple cobbler

11 - I love to connect patterns and try to solve the puzzle

12 - My favorite TV show is Friends and I think I am a Rachel

13 - I became gluten intolerant in 2018 and most days I hate my body for it but I am learning to love the new lifestyle

14 - I don’t mind cleaning but I hate vacuuming

15 - I have way too many tumblers and Starbucks cups

16 - My favorite drink at Starbucks is an skinny iced caramel macchiato  

17 - I have recently started a stamp collection

18 - I love antiquing and some days wish I lived in the early 1900s when live was more simple

19 - My decorating style is somewhere between farmhouse and modern with gold and colors

20 - When I am having a hard time clearing my mind I like to walk around Target

21 - I love watching baseball and my favorite MLB team is the Atlanta Braves

22 - Most weekends I spend time helping my parents with their catering business

23 - My favorite thing to buy at any store are candles

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