Front Porch Chats

  • Birthday Bar Cart Styling

    Birthday parties, I feel like we love them or hate them. I am one of those people who love birthdays! Not only do I love celebrating my own (and...
  • Three Key Items When Styling A Bar Cart

    I think I have fallen in love with bar cart styling and I can no longer hide it! I used to browse Pinterest longing for the perfectly styled bar ...
  • Kentucky Derby Mini Party

    Friend, I will be the first to admit, the only horse race I watch is the Kentucky Derby but I have a feeling you might be that way too? I just wa...
  • Three Simple Spring Placesettings

    If you say the words, spring & place settings, my heart instantly goes bananas! I know there are some beautiful place settings for fall and ...
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Growing up I was blessed to have two mother figures in my life, my mom and my step-mom. I know I will never be able to thank them for all they have done for me. You might feel the same way too? I have gathered a list of three of my favorite small businesses run by powerful females!

  • 8 Ways to Use Lettering in Everyday Life

    I started Pep & Pop because I wanted to share my love of lettering and life. I have compiled a list of ways that you can use lettering in your home and everyday life to make it just a little extra special.
  • What in the world is Peppy Postage?

    I never forget the feeling of opening my mail box, sorting through the junk and bills, and finding an envelope with hand writing on it! I am starting the Peppy Postage Movement because I want us to make a habit out of sending cards to dear friends for the purpose of putting a smile on their faces!
  • My Favorite Pens

    Welcome back to my porch! I get a lot of questions asking about my favorite pens and markers to write with so today I am sharing my favorite three with you!

  • 23 - My Best Year Yet

    Come find out 23 things you might not have known about me in honor of my 23rd Birthday!
  • Hello 2019!

    Hey there honey, welcome to my front porch. I have to be honest with you, there were a lot of changes in 2018 and I lost my focus on what my visio...
  • New House, New Life, New Style, New Me

    Welcome back to the porch friends! I have so much to tell y'all about what is new around here. I have decided to change my business focus from wooden home decor to lettering, graphic design, and hospitality....